What is BVA doing?

Bionic Vision Australia is developing bionic eye devices to restore a sense of vision to people with retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration

What is the bionic eye? 

This bionic eye system will consist of a small digital camera, external processor and a implant with a microchip and stimulating electrodes surgically placed in the back of the eye. Find out more about how the bionic eye works

The BVA devices 

We are working on three bionic eye devices: an early prototype with 24 electrodes, a Wide-View device with 98 electrodes, and a High-Acuity device with 1024 electrodes. We are currently testing the early prototype device with three people. These tests are helping researchers learn more about how the brain will interpret information from the bionic eye.  

Learn more 

Learn more about our work, and how to support it, in the video below.