Bionic Vision Australia is developing bionic eye devices to restore a sense of vision to people with retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration.   

Our goal is to rapidly develop internationally competitive retinal implants and technologies that are shown to be clinically safe and effective in restoring sight, leading to successful commercialisation.

We are working with three devices simultaneously:

  1. 44-electrode prototype
  2. Wide-View device 
  3. High-Acuity device

In addition to developing the hardware for these devices, our researchers are:

  • designing strategies to electrically stimulate the remaining cells in the retina so visual information can be passed along the visual pathway to the brain
  • establishing the safety and efficacy of our technology ahead of patient tests
  • developing pre- and post-operative procedures for assessing patients
  • developing safe and reproducible surgical procedures for implanting these devices into patients.

We tested an early 24-electrode prototype with three people in Melbourne from 2012-14.